On March 27, 2017 Simmons College professors Janet Ceja and Mónica Cólon-Aguirre teamed up with the Society of American Archivist’s (SAA) Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives (LACCHA) Section and the Simmons student chapter of the SAA to give a presentation titled “Immigrant Rights and Records Literacy”. The event was live streamed from Simmons College.

Presentation Slides: SAA LACCHA Webinar Slides

Presentation Video: Forthcoming

Presentation Abstract: As the systematic detention and deportation of immigrants continues to threaten families and communities across the United States, archivists and librarians have an educational and humanitarian role to play in disseminating information on civil and immigrant rights. In this presentation, Dr. Janet Ceja and Dr. Mónica Cólon-Aguirre, will discuss the “records issues” embedded in the information needs of immigrant communities during immigrant raids.

You can follow the Twitter conversation at #LACCHA_Webinar. Learn more about LACCHA’s award winning webinar series here: LACCHA’s Webinar Series.